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Rice and Beans Culture provides consulting services to take care of all your business needs in the cultural realm. We are here to help you whether you need a better understanding of your clients,  desire to improve the organizational climate of your company or are interested in connecting with diverse stakeholders. We offer different services according to your needs.

Cultural Assessment and Advice

  • rice and beans culture targeted cultural survey

The targeted cultural survey is built by Rice and Beans Culture experts to perform a quick assessment of the cultural environment being faced by the client with input from organization members using advanced survey software. It can also include input from external entities when the scope of a project requires it in addition to the basic cultural diagnosis. This service allows to apply the Meaning Making Logics found in similar cases to make recommendations for strategy and communication at a general level.

  • custom cultural intervention

The custom cultural intervention service includes the basic cultural diagnosis, the targeted cultural survey and a customized Meaning Making Logics identification process along with the development of detailed strategy recommendations and communication tools. Rice and Beans Culture experts spend time with the people in your organization and with all relevant groups of interest to conduct research directly with your key players to identify the specific Meaning Making Logics followed by your group of interest.

  • basic cultural diagnosis

The basic cultural diagnosis provides company representatives with guidelines and templates to generally assess their cultural environment. This is where you can learn how the Meaning Making Logics can help your business. Rice and Beans Culture experts provide a basic introduction to understand the cultural elements impacting your business.