Elizabeth Rodwell

Liz is our user experience go to person. She is also an expert in Japanese culture and TV production.

Maria Vidart (External advisor)

Maria is an expert in the formation of political organizations and the dynamics of democratic participation.

NIKKI Carelock

Nikki specializes in the interactions between police and the public as well as in fostering better climate in educational institutions.


We know that you're reputation is only as good as how your stakeholders perceive you. That's why we pride ourselves on a results-oriented approach to optimize communication and engagement.


We live, eat & breathe culture in all its forms. Keeping a healthy organizational culture for our clients is Rice and Beans Culture day-to-day mission.


  • 2008 - Met the bright graduate students at Rice University.
  • 2013 - Most of our team earned doctoral degrees. We started providing consulting services individually.
  • 2015 - We launched Rice and Beans Culture and started working together profesionally.
Bringing anthropological expertise to everyone.

nathanael Vlachos

Than has expertise in diversity and multiculturalism as well as practical experience working with community arts and non profits.


At Rice and Beans Culture, we've taken our collective experience to create our own methodology to take care of your cultural needs and under budget.

our  team

"I started Rice and Beans Culture to accomplish one goal and one goal only:  Make social sciences expertise in the business environment available to anyone tackling a cultural challenge."

Rice and Beans Culture